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General Information

Here is some information that will help you determine if Turner Hall is the right place to hold your event.

The main area of Turner Hall is a large room with a stage at one end and a balcony (with 335 built-in seats) on the other end. As the Hall is a multi-use facility, the main floor does not have built in seating. To help keep the rental rates down, Turner Hall is do-it-yourself when it comes to setting up tables and chairs. We have them and they are included in the rental of the Hall, but you are required to set them up before your event and put them away after your event. You are free to decorate the Hall, without leaving any permanent marks, of course, but must take down and dispose of those decorations at the end of your event. We have a custodian who cleans the Hall, so you don’t need to do any of that type of preparation, but when your event is over you do need to sweep up any mess on the floors (confetti, flower petals), wipe up any spills (champagne, juice), remove anything you brought in (cans of pop, boxes) and take the trash out to the dumpster in the parking lot. Renters are responsible for any damage they or their guests/audience do to the Hall during their rental period.

As the date of your event approaches, you will set up a time to meet with the manager of the Hall. At this meeting, the manager will give you a detailed tour of the Hall, answering any questions you may have. At this time you will be given a key to the Hall and may come and go for the duration of your rental period. Naturally, the key must be returned at the end of the rental period.

Alcohol is permitted in the Hall, but groups and individuals are required to provide dram insurance that names the City of Galena as co-insured. The cost of the dram insurance varies but tends to run between $100 and $200 for a large wedding reception. You may purchase this insurance through any insurance company you like.

If you are interested in presenting a music, dance or dramatic performance in the Hall, be sure to check out the stage dimensions and the information about our theatrical lighting system.

Finally, if you are ready to book the Hall, take a look at our rental contract and then call or email your booking request. You will be sent a contract filled out with the information about your event which you will have to sign and return with your payment.


Rates vary depending on the rental date(s) and the type of event. The chart below should give you a good idea of the rental rate, but always call or email to confirm rate and availability.

Regular Rates


$150 all day

Monday – Thursday

$25 1st hour

$15 each additional hour

$150 all day


$425 all day


$625 all day

4-Day Rental Package


Value: 4-day rental now includes clean up and tear down by Turner Hall custodian.

Discount for City of Galena residents on 4-day rental package
-$150 (Thursday Free)
= $1,350

Alcohol fee: $100 plus proof of liquor liability insurance

Non-Profit & Charitable Events


$100 all day

Monday – Thursday

$15 1st hour
$10 each additional hour
$100 all day


$275 all day


$450 all day

4-Day Rental Package

– $100 (Thursday free)= $825

Special Community Theater Rates

As the City of Galena is such a strong supporter of the arts, we also offer a special rate of $1,250 for community theatre productions which includes 22 total days of rental.

Special rates for events sponsored by the Galena Public School

Special rates are also available for events sponsored by the Galena Public Schools

(One day $75, four day $150 and 22day $450)

Other Fees

Hall Damage Deposit $200

Dimensions & Floor Plan


33 1/2 ft. wide X 17 1/2 ft. deep

Floor Area

66 ft. wide X 65 ft. long

Theatrical Lighting

The Colortran Lighting System consists of 95 control keys which operate stage and house lights. Only certified operators may use the light board. Operators may become certified by attending a lighting class held twice yearly or by demonstrating sufficient knowledge of the lighting system to the Manager. Renters may hire a certified operator if they do not wish to provide their own. Payment of the rental deposit for the hall is due before any keys or manuals will be issued to the renter. The Standard Instrument Locations and Settings Diagram shows all lighting locations and lighting types in the hall. Each renter of the hall is responsible for returning all lighting fixtures to the locations specified on the Standard Instrument Locations and Settings Diagram not later than the end of the rental period. The rental deposit shall be forfeited if the Colortran manual or key are not returned within three days after the event or if the light fixtures are not returned to their specified locations by the end of the rental period.

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